Landscaping and Florascaping For Your Home

Make your home the envy to all that enter or simply drive by! Lane Gardens will design the perfect welcoming atmosphere that will bring your home to life. Our landscaping brings a wow factor to the entrance of your home. We approach each unique florascape design around your home.

The color, size, window design of your home and shape of your driveway all come into play before we start our process. We work with what may currently be in place to make key factors like a planter or large trees stand out. Like an artist uses paint we treat your home as the canvas. We bring in unique plants and colors to make your home look stunning. Your home will flow from the entrance to the back yard with discoveries of plants that continue to retain the overall theme for your home.

Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life

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Plant Selection

 Home Is where your heart is! We understand this and want your home to welcome you each day you turn into your driveway. Your landscaping plays an important aspect with the overall feeling of your home. Let your home be the one that sets the tone for the whole neighborhood. Our florascaping and landscape design takes each aspect of the perimeter of your home into account. We accent large trees with plant design to make them stand out. We make the entry to you home welcoming and peaceful while creating a “Wow” factor as well. When you come home from work or have guests visit, the feeling will be consistent from the front entrance to the lookout to the back yard. Each section will breathe life and renewed energy. Our gardening team makes sure to trim the  plants and they remain green and watered to perfection at all times. Leave the stress of plant care in our hands, so your days are worry-free.  We have a huge selection of plant and tree options for large yards or tight entry ways. Call now and experience the Lane Gardens Fine Gardening and Florascapes design for your home today.

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You’ll see our passion for gardening reflected in your prolific blossoms. With our professional and personalized service, you will be confident that your flower beds and gardens are in great hands.

Lane Gardens embraces environmentally responsible and ecologically sound principles that not only improve the environment but ensure your overall satisfaction.